Tag: Thornby


  • Ingrid Cogley

    Alderus Redcloak the wizard, Fergus the Impartial the cleric and Marvis Chaosweaver's sister went to wizard school, took up farming instead of wizardry has five children: Yorrick who's 20, Ephriam who's 18, Agnes who's 16, Josiah who's 8, and Linea the …

  • Krand Beckett

    Harriet Beckett's grandson mother- Gemma Becket father - Anton Bail, fighter adventurer that passed through town and never came back admires nobles lazy

  • Gemma Beckett

    waitress at Whirling Dervish Tavern Harriet Beckett's daughter Joanna Sorrel's sister, who is married to Liam the cobbler Krand, the town guardsman's mother always carries a lute she can't play afraid of the dark

  • Harriet Becket

    grandmotherly proud of Thornby always carries a knife in her boot her late husband, Walter Beckett, owned the Relics Shop, Malcolm Falkes took it over after he died Gemma Beckett and Joanna Sorrel's mother Krand Beckett's grandmother

  • Lucius Salvias

    doesn't like to talk about his past often pretends to be asleep Married to Athea Salvias they have two young daughters- Syra and Achacia

  • Athea Salvias

    Sunny optimist, unflapable tone deaf loud seeks adventure and tales of adventure sister - Saphira Banks, the librarian married to Lucius, Captain of the Guards two daughters - Syra and Achacia

  • Sarrina Castlemaign

    Fergus the Impartial and Maerwyn Darkmoon's daughter Fergus's accolyte in charge of the Temple in Thornby clumsy

  • Farmer Dan Cogley

    Plays the fiddle Picks up mementos of places he's visited very likeable, everyone smiles at him likes to order rounds for everyone at the tavern Was the bard in the local adventuring party when he was young, they only went on one adventure in which …

  • Yorrick Cogley

    Cocky Engaged to Baron Bainbridge's daughter, Allette Biggest rival since childhood - his neighbor, Farmer Eli's son, Magnus. Broke off his engagement with Elsa, the blacksmith, when he met Allette He and Magnus saved Allette from Bandits on the road …

  • Ephriam Cogley

    Has a high pitched laugh Doesn't want to farm wants to open his own fine goods store in the big city of Caldmor in love with Elsa, the blacksmith, but thinks he's not good enough for her Doesn't like his brother, Yorrick, who he sees as disrespectful …

  • Agnes Cogley

    prefers to sit on the floor in love with Farmer Eli's daughter, Amilla, her neighbor Close to her brother, Ephriam, but not her brother, Yorrick Parents - Dan and Ingrid Cogley Siblings - Yorrick, Ephriam, Josiah, and baby Linea Uncles - Alderus, …

  • Josiah Cogley

    Sneezes and Wheezes often likes his Uncle Alderus's magic tricks wants to see Caldmor Castle Doesn't like it when his sister tells him what to do Friends with his neighbor, Caleb Pearce, Farmer Eli's son Parents - Dan and Ingrid Cogley Siblings - …

  • Phineas Jarvis

    likes to whittle cynical married to Matilda, Farmer Eli's twin sister sons - Landon who's 9 years old, Kollin 6 ,and Broden 3

  • Matilda Jarvis

    busy Is always cleaning nags Phineas constantly Farmer Eli's twin sister sons - Landon 9, Kollin 6, and Broden 3

  • Connor Windon

    peaceful widow raises sheep and goats daughters - Eloise who's 14 and Beatrix who's 16

  • Allen Lawson

    Was raised by Hill Dwarves after his family died in the Plague likes to hunt traveled around alone before coming to Thornby drums his fingers, won't sit still married to Agatha

  • Elias Pearce

    Traditionalist - prefers the old ways of doing things, dislikes modern new fangled ideas collects old coins manic depressive personality, switches between moody/glum and happy enjoys drinking and gambling at the Whirling Dervish Tavern Was a member of …

  • Thorhilda Pearce

    incurious, doesn't care about the unknown often careless was classmates with Ingrid Castlemaign at wizard school, but got bored and left school friends with Ingrid and the halflings in town children - Magnus 21, Amilla 16, and Caleb 8

  • Magnus Pearce

    constantly arranging his clothing envious of nearly everyone, easily moved to hatred or suspicion especially envies Yorrick Cogley, who gets all the girls, his neighbor and rival since childhood hates being part of his family, because the other farmers …

  • Amilla Pearce

    has a pet mouse named Greytooth depressed cries easily friends with Dalla Comlin, Innkeep Banthis's daughter, and Agnes Cogley, Farmer Dan's daughter has had an on again off again relationship with Yorrick Cogley, Farmer Dan's son Parents - Farmer …

  • Caleb Pearce

    curious about everything always carries a dragon bone shard that he found is obsessed with dragons, wants to find an egg and raise one as his mount wants to grow up to be an adventurer inseparable friends with Josiah, his neighbor, Farmer Dan's son …

  • Old Sam Pearce

    sits on his son, Eli's, porch with his dog, Racer, all day Old Jacob Crowley's friend snores loudly in his chair hard of hearing often grumpy Has good days when he's lucid and bad days when he doesn't remember much children - Elias and Matilda …

  • Felix Lumley

    whistles tunelessly as he wanders family that cared for him died in the plague claims royal descent