Yorrick Cogley

Farmer Dan's Son


20 years old
Rubs his chin alot


Engaged to Baron Bainbridge’s daughter, Allette
Biggest rival since childhood – his neighbor, Farmer Eli’s son, Magnus.
Broke off his engagement with Elsa, the blacksmith, when he met Allette
He and Magnus saved Allette from Bandits on the road
He has also had affairs with Dalla, the Fox and Hare Innkeep’s daughter, and Amilla, Farmer Eli’s daughter
Works on his father’s farm and also helps Malcolm in the Relics store
Parents – Dan and Ingrid Cogley
Siblings – Ephriam, Agnes, Josiah, and baby Linea
Uncles – Alderus, Fergus and Marvis

Yorrick Cogley

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