Alderus "Redcloak" Castlemaign



Has a red tatoo on his forhead, the symbol for an order of wizards made up of Elder Masters of Arcana who seek fogotten mystic magic
Wears a red velvet cloak


Has a cricket familiar named Pip
remembers everything
loves meeting different people
lives in Caldmor
Is part of the esteemed Circle of Wizards of Profound Learning who run the Silver Moon School of Higher Wizardry in Caldmor, the big wizard school for all of Avondel, the human realm in Maramere
grew up in the village of Thornby
siblings – Fergus the Impartial cleric, Marvis Chaosweaver the wizard, and Ingrid Cogley
Doesn’t get along with Marvis
Parents – Jeeves, crafter of magic items, and Lisbeth Castlemaign, sorceress, were killed when their magic shop burned down in a fire inadvertantly set by Marvis when he was a teenager.
Alderus was the wizard, Mahkia Shadowspell Zalesan’s, best pupil, before Mahkia went on to work for King Vlad the Simple of Avondel

Alderus "Redcloak" Castlemaign

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