Cathy's Game

Wizard's House

Dwarf spots fire in distance. Party takes off to investigate, runs into a party of 5 yellow goblins. They spot the monk and he and the ninja attempt to sneak up. The party figures out the monk cannot be stealthy. Party engages the goblins, the witch enlarges the dwarf to a fearsome size in time for him to charge and split a goblin in two. After killing four of the goblins, the enlarged dwarf grapples the remaining goblin for questioning. Goblin claims all goblins have been yellow. Boss is Gerldaar, he works for Garlock, who the party should be scare of. Gerldaar is near the gnome town of Willow Thorpe which the goblins had sacked. After pantsing the goblin the party release him back into into the wild with a dagger. The dwarf plays nursemaid to the party and tends everyones wounds. The monk and dwarf forage for food and water as the party continues to travel to the wizards abode to retrieve pieces of the rod.
Party encounters a small pond with glowing flying bugs winking on and off above it. The ninja attempts to skirt around while the wizard approaches the pond, and after the monk approaches the dwarf and witch approach. The party comes upon an old abandoned cottage. The party seems empty except for a lot of cats and a pair of burnt shoes in the fireplace. The wizard notices a magically concealed and trapped attic door. The ninja sees and disables the trap and opens the attic door and the party finds a study complete with tapestries, a throne and magical chests. Wizards is attacked by a tapestry as he tries to retrieve some magical books from a table. The dwarf is seized by the throne when he sits in it. The wizard burns the tapestry off and the dwarf stops struggling. The monk opens a closet to receive a spike in his face from a trap, and releases an imp into the room. The ninja discovers and disables a trap on one chest and after unlocking the
chest an ooze slithers out. After a bad swing the dwarf is exhausted. After fighting for a while the wizard is dropped as the ooze’s acid begins to eat through his flesh. The witch heals the wizard and the acid stops burning at his flesh. The dwarf stabilized the wizard and throws the wizards wand to the ninja who uses it to burn the ooze, who then splits in two. The ninja is flanked by the oozes and dropped. The dwarf moves up to the oozes and engages them. The witch enlarges the monk who engages the oozes. The dwarf heroically surges forth and slays one ooze and turns to face the other. The monk attempts to grab the imp and finally succeeds. The witch steps up and takes out the other ooze. The witch and dwarf attempt to hit the invisible grappled imp, and finally manage to kill it. The next day the witch heals everyone and after another day of healing and tending from the monk the party is up and about. The ninja begins searching
another chest which animates and attacks him, he is able to destroy the animated chest. The monk finds a wand, trophy, and a picture album in the closet. The ninja after disabling a trap and opening a difficult lock, finds two pieces of the rod and a wand. After opening the last chest, a skeleton jump out and the monk drops it in one hit. The ninja finds letters in the bottom of the chest.
The party travels off to investigate Willow Thorpe and stumbles across the town of Sherwick (Which out of game was not there before). The party stops to rest at the Red Fox tavern and the Squirrel Run inn. The ninja buys the dwarf drinks and crashes at the temple to be tended to. The wizards surveys the books he took, one of which is a low level spell book. The rest are books of ancient history (dogeared page for using ancient technology to create chaos magic on a wide scale), a chaos wizard, and chaos magic. The ancient race was like no other races and vanished suddenly. Finds out Alderuss’ guild has taken all books about this ancient race’s technology to their library (which has been broken into). The letters are from two other crazy wizards like Marvus who want to set up a chaos magic guild.

Party will be setting off to willow thorpe next.



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