Cathy's Game


As the party leaves Marvus’ house the dwarf hears two squirrels talking in common. After the ninja jumps into the tree and grabs one and the witch charms the other, they find the squirrels are friends of Marvus. The squirrels thought the adventurers were fine and were not going to worry about them. The squirrels talked about meddlesome gnomes.
On the way the party runs across a sign pointing to Shady Hollow and Willow Thorpe. On the way to Willow Thorpe they come across Shady Hollow which is a gnome village which has been shrunk to miniature size which has been burnt and there are a few tiny corpses. The wizard detects magic and finds two miniature magical daggers.
After leaving the village the witch’s familiar spots a mobile bush which shambles away. No one knows what the bush is. Party runs into the Jets adventuring party, who are looking for goblins in the woods and are told we are in the wrong way. Lola’s raven steals the Jester’s amulet for Lola. The Jets party leaves boasting they will be finding more honor than the party.
The bush follows the party and the wizard chases it off. The dwarf gets hit in the head by rocks and the party sees two koblods in the trees. The ninja sneaks up on them. The party begins to pursue the kobolds. The ninja leaps into a tree to attack one kobold. The other kobolds begin shooting at the monk. The party speeds to catch up the monk and ninja. The ninja leaps from tree to tree attacking the kobolds. The ninja is knocked out of the tree and laid unconscious on the ground and the monk is knocked unconscious as well. The witch heals the ninja and enlarges the dwarf. The enlarged dwarf makes short work of the remaining kobolds. The wizard fells the last kobold and the ninja uses the wand of cure light wounds to heal everyone up. The monk tracks the kobold back to their lair. The ninja sneaks in and his swrds get stuck to the wall as h finds out the cave is magnetic. The ninja retrieves his swords and leaving them outside finds a
stash of loot and a large egg. There is a magical set of +1 full plate that is missing the right leg, masterwork leather armor, and a +1 magic crossbow, and 300 gp. The wizard identifies the egg as a red dragon egg. The dwarf wants to keep the egg and creates a contrivance to drag the egg on. On exiting the cave the party sees a strange obelisk that they know was not there when they came in. The dwarf is not able to identify the metal, nor is the wizard able to read or decipher the inscriptions. The wizard is able to match the writing with writings from one of Marvus’ books about the ancient race.
The party finally reaches the burnt shell of Willow Thorpe and find a troop of goblins. There are captured human villagers (including one with a reptilian tail), and one yellow goblin. There are many green goblins around town. The ninja sneaks around to free the villagers when the party distracts the goblins. The party spreads out to engage the goblins, when they are not drawn away from the prisoners the ninja engages the jailers. The party begins killing goblins, the ninja falls unconscious, and is drug off by a goblin. The party begins mopping up the goblins. The ninja wakes up and springs to a nearby rooftop. The witch’s familiar raven flies to the ninja to help him remove the ropes binding him. The party finds the last goblin, the leader with one of the glowing amulets, barricaded inside a building. After the monk fails to break open the door, the wizard opens a window to shoot at the goblin. The dwarf breaks open the door and the monk
and witch charge in to attack the goblin leader. The ninja comes through the window on the second floor and launches himself through the air to land beside the goblin leader. The ninja crits the goblin disarming him. The monk finally drops him.



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