Cathy's Game

Trapped in Castle

The shadows attack the party. The party finds it hard to attack the incorporeal creatures. Only the magical weapons have a chance to hurt the shadows. The ninja tumbles away into the darkness and begins to work on the door out. The ninja cannot get the door open and charges a shadow with the wand of cure light wounds. The party through spells and magic weapons whittle down the shadows. After the battle the ninja is very weak, but after finding three scrolls, the wizard uses one to restore the dwarf to normal size. The party enters the next room and finds a man bound and hanging in manacles, as the wizard approaches and the man’s chains tighten and he screams in pain. The wizard stops moving towards him and cast sleep on the man, then realizing the man is an illusion. The stairs upwards end in a door with a knife blade as a door knob. The door down stairs is an open mouth, which wants to be fed and likes dwarf. The dwarf is able to turn the
bladed door knob and opens the door. The room is full of gorillas. The dwarf feeds the mouth door and it opens to a room with two gems on the floor. The diamond is trapped and the ruby is fake. The ninja disables the trap and finds the diamond fits the door exiting the room, fitting the diamond opens the door. The door opens into a hallway the ninja finds a rolling rock trap and disables it. The door at the end of the hall has a glyph of warding and a window. Through the window they see a room, with a floating stone block, a cork in a hole in the wall and a stone statue of a werewolf in the corner. The ninja disables the glyph of warning and unlocks the door and as he opens the door an alarm sounds. The wizards mage hands the scroll from under the stone and sees it is a scroll of dispel magic. The ninja jumps up to the top of the stone and finds a trap door unlocks it and opens it into a dark room. He tosses a rope down to the party and the
dwarf pulls the cork to release a stream of acid. The party climbs up into the room to find 49 adventurers turned into glass, and no way out. The wizard levitates down and replaces the cork and the dwarf pulls over the statue to uncover a drain the lets the acid drain. The ninja makes his way back to the gorilla room and finds two chains that open the door if they can be pulled together in the middle. The dwarf and monk pull the chains to the middle of the room and the door opens. The next room has a statue of a bunny on a pedestal and hand print sockets. The dwarf and monk stick their hands on the sockets and get a charge, the witches hair connects the two and the door opens when the circuit is completed. As the party leaves for the next room the bunny statue roars loudly. The next room contains strobe light and large scorpions are crawling on the ceiling. The party begins to fight the scorpions slowly dropping them one by one, although the
witch falls unconscious. Finding two secret doors, one leads into another room with a wall with razor lined handholds. The other door leads to a study full of mirrors and it also has a crystal ball on a table. The mirror show outside the mansion and into all the rooms.



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