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The adventurers investigate the Redwood Inn’s cellar some more, but can’t find any secret doors or way for the rats to have gotten in. They know that giant rats are not native to this area.
The two innkeepers are arguing. Gareth of the Redwood Inn accuses Banthis, of the Fox and Hare Inn, of planting the rats in a scheme to take away his bussiness.
The town guards go back to working on fixing the town’s trebuchet and catapult. Thom, the Paladin, helps with lifting. A Dwarven war wagon comes in to town to help defend it just in case there is actually a problem with the goblins. The Hafling rogue, Taven, is curious about what a dwarven war wagon is. He takes a closer look to see that it is a wagon with Dwarves and their weapons.
Duncan Creakshank, who noticed Beatice at the Whirling Dervish Tavern, shows up with flowers for her after the battle with the rats. Felix, the town beggar, offers to clean the Winchester brothers’ armor for a few copper.
Content Not Found: wilhelm-the-bald_ challenges Yorrick to a dual in the square, but then runs away when he sees Yorrick is serious. Sam, the Suli, tries to trip Wilhelm as he runs away, but misses him.
Also in the square, [[s;darrick|Darrick]], an old, retired adventurer, is trying to fight the ancestor statue. The townspeople say that he’s crazy and often out of touch with reality.
Taven, the halfling rogue sneaks very, very stealthily to the abandoned part of town to look at the dragon nest. When he gets to the abandoned area he sees Content Not Found: malcolm-falkes_, Relics merchant, sneaking around. He can tell that he is hiding something under his cloak. Taven follows him and sees him go into his shop.
Meanwhile, Tobias, the rogue, checks out the tourney set up. He sees that everything is set up and ready. He looks at the rogue obstacle course and sees that it consists of a wobly plank, a rope and moat, a windmill device and a platform with a chest on it. He sees the pit trap on the platform, disables it, unlocks the chest and looks inside. After seeing that the chest is empty, Tobias tries to fix the lock on the chest so that only he can open it.
On the morning of the tourney, there is lots of fanfare as the adventuring party from Northbridge arrives. The town is excited some of the locals who had gone on an adventure once when they were young, are dusting off their old sickle, wand, and fiddle and entering the tourney. Farmer Dan was a bard with his fiddle, Farmer Eli with his sickle , and Ingrid, who is Alderus Redcloak, Marvis Chaosweaver, and Fergus the Impartial’s sister, is getting out her wand from wizard school. She put it away when she married Farmer Dan instead of pursuing magic like her brothers. They only went on the one adventure in which, Content Not Found: victoria_, their rogue, was killed.
Everyone gathers in the town square as the Content Not Found: Baron-Bainbridge_ begins to speak. He introduces his family, Content Not Found: morgan_, the older sister, who is glaring at Content Not Found: allette-bainbridge_ and Yorrick the whole time, her husband, Content Not Found: garrin, who is leering and snickering at everyone, Viola, the younger sister, who looks uncomfortable, and Allette, who is marrying Yorick, and can’t seem to stop giggling.
Alderus Redcloak is supposed to be at the tourney, but is late, so Baron Bainbridge is explaining the tournament events when Marvis Chaosweaver teleports in front of him. Marvis announces that this tournament would be much more fun if no one knew Common. Everyone in town forgets the Common language expect for Douglan the dwarf?, Grigdash the inquisitor, and Beatrice, the Oracle. Marvis then tries to teleport out again, but pops up next to the ancestor statue. A moment later he teleports out and doesn’t pop back up. A little later some of the adventurers notice the statue has changed and is facing the other way. They don’t detect any magic.
The horse race is about to begin. Beatrice, the oracle, takes the bets, taking over for
Content Not Found: virgil
, one of the town merchants, who can’t understand anyone. The horse race is close. Content Not Found: dungar from Guldarl wins it.
Alderus finally arrives in town. He was held up turning chickens back into people who were on the road on their way to attend the tournament. Yorrick urgently tries to speak with him, but is speaking gibberish. When Alderus figures out what’s going on, he reverses the spell, but must do it one at a time, to each person.
After everyone is finally back to normal, the Archery contest begins. Grigdash the inquisitor enters, but is eliminated in the first round by Basil Fleming, the ranger from Northbridge. Johnal, the ninja enters and wins the event, winning a masterwork shortbow.
Taven, the halfling rogue, wins the knife throwing contest and recieves a masterwork dagger.
Next is the the weapons fighting. First Douglan the Dwarf is up against an Elf. The elf has painted his face in an elaborate design. Douglan takes him out in his one first blow. Then Thom, the Paladin, fights a samuri and loses. Grigdash the inquisitor, knocks out the dwarf in one hit with his great ax. In the next round Douglan has a long fight with the Samuri as they keep dodging each others blows. Douglan wins in the end. Grigdash beats Dungar, the horse race winner, and Douglan and Grigdash face off in the final round. Douglan wins and gets a set of full plate armor.
After the fighting the rogue obstacle course begins. Jocassa from the Northbridge party, Sam the Suli, Tobias, and Taven, the halfing enter. Jocassa, Tobias, and Taven race accross the wobling plank and jump over the moat. Sam falls off and keeps falling off. He never makes it past the plank. Jocassa can’t get past the windmill. Taven is the first to tumble through but loses time trying to detect traps on the platform that the chest is on. Taven is not able to disable the pit trap and Tobias catches up. He already knows the trap is there, disables it and unlocks the chest which holds a masterwork dagger.
The Next compeition is hand to hand fighting. Sam the Suli enters and quickly scores a hit that almost knocks out his opponent, then trips her for the win. He easily takes out his second opponent without taking any damage himself and wins 200 gold pieces.
The next event is the wizard challege. Alderus has set up a magical tent. Competitors can either give up the challenge and walk out the way they came in or make it to the end and teleport out. First up is Beatrice, the oracle. She enters and finds the interior to be filled with darkness in which her dark vision doesn’t work. She casts light and sees an empty room with four plain stone walls. She detects magic and knows that one wall is an illusion. She walks through. In the next room there is a door on the other side and a lever on the ceiling, 15 feet up. She uses her precognition to see that moving the lever will open the door. She tries throwing her knitting needles at it, but it doesn’t move. She gives up and leaves the way she came in.
Singe, the sorceror, enters next and lights up the room, he detects magic and sees the illusionary wall, he checks the door in the next room and finds it locked. He uses mage hand to try to move the lever, but finds out that it is broken. He tries to fix it with his mage hand, but doesn’t have the knowledge. He gives up and walks out.
Next is Vendetta the witch. She casts light?, detects the fake wall, mends the lock, uses her prehensile hair to pull the lever, the door opens and she enters the last room. This one has a dirty area in the middle of the floor and three arcane symbols on the wall. She detects that the dirty smear on the floor is magical. Through her arcane knowledge she knows that the symbols are for earth, fire, and water. She touches the magic area on the floor with her hair and nothing happens. She activates the arcane symbols. The water symbol shoots out water that cleans the dirty area to reveal a teleportation ring that rises up out of the floor on a platform. She puts an item? on it which teleports out. She then teleports herself out and is out of the tent.
Last to enter the magical tent is Agoth, the elven wizard. He lights up the darkness, detects the wall, removes the lever arm?, throws his staff at it. The staff breaks in midair and fits into the lever mechanism, and pulls the lever, the door opens and he detects conjuration magic on the dark area of the floor. He picks up dirt and puts it on the earth symbol, spits on the water symbol, and casts spark on the fire symbol to activate them which raises the teleportation ring. He stands in the ring and is teleported back to the room with the lever. The door is still open so he goes back to the teleportation ring that’s still up on the raised platform there and teleports out of the tent this time.
As the wizards go through the tent, the Joust is taking place. Ethran the fighter choses between the horses in Boris’s stable to ride in the joust. His choices are: Falcon, who tries to bite him, Ace, whose is scratching one leg with the other, Bandit, whose very skittish, George whose mean spirited, Hugo, who is very noisy, Legs, whose stubborn and won’t move, or Old Fred.
Ethran wins it, gets 200 gold pieces and gets to keep the horse he chose, Falcon, the biter.
To finish the magic contest Vendetta the witch and Agoth the wizard, who both made it through the magical tent challege have a wizard dual in a magical nonlethal damage arena. Magic missles fly, Vendetta summons a snake. As the dual goes on it’s becoming darker and darker, even though it is midday. Agoth defeats Vendetta and wins a wand of burning hands.
As mist is starting to creep into town, a rider comes in yelling that goblins are coming. He’s followed by fireballs landing about 20 feet short of town. Alderus immediately attempts to teleport out, but can’t.



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