Cathy's Game

The Goblins Are Coming

As the farmers are running into town, the guards are closing up the gate. Everyone is running around franticly. In the middle of the square, between the statue and the town well, is the big, black prison building, which everyone, including the adventurers, thinks has always been there. The prison holds bandits and highwaymen. The two highway robbers that were just caught are being held in stocks outside the prison, as Dungar rushes past, gathering townspeoplde into the temple. The adventurers help to gather all the people into the temple. They find out that the catapult and trebuchet are broken, and no one knows how to fix them. The Goblins are firing in closer. Ethran, the fighter, Taven, the halfling rogue, and [[:johnal
|Johnal]], the ninja, go towards the dragon’s gatehouse. They shut and disable it after dragon takes flight. The dragon will begin to come after them but a tasty smelling goblin distracts the dragon. The goblins trebuchets start setting buildings on fire. The well is discovered to be dry. Andrinal, the cleric, after helping herd people into the temple, begins creating water to fight fires. Sam, the Suli continues fighting the fires with his wet cloak. Douglan the dwarf and Grigdash the Inquisitor are firing at the goblins. They can see that the town is surrounded by hundreds of goblins. They have sophistacted looking weapons, but they are only made of wood and stone. The goblins arrows begin reaching the town. Rocks and fireballs continue to rain on the town. The Whirling Dervish Tavern catches on fire, as well as the guard barracks, the temple with all the people inside, the potion shop, and the visiting wizard, Content Not Found: larrin_. The Relics store takes heavy damage from catapulted rocks. Alderus Redcloak creates a wall of fire around front half of the town. Ethram the fighter and Johnal the Ninja set up to defend the gate house. The goblins charge the town wall and begin climbing up it. Alderus holds goblins and repels others. Then he creates a gust of wind that blows the arrows away and goblins on the south wall keep falling off as the Dragon continues to pick them off. Screams of goblins are heard from inside the temple and Andrinal the cleric goes to investigate. He sees goblins pouring out of the temple fountain. Singe the sorceror and Douglan the dwarf move to help in the temple. Sam the Suli continues to fight fires.
Ethran the fighter, Johnal the ninja, and Taven the halfling rogue go to confront the goblins coming over the wall. The goblins run out of flaming projectiles and begin bombarding town with stones. Andrinal the Cleric, Content Not Found: duangar_ the sorcerer begin fighting goblins in the temple. Three wizards,Content Not Found: royce_, Content Not Found: thaylin_, and Content Not Found: edwin, Content Not Found: bradgar the dwarf, and Content Not Found: celestria, the paladin fall. Agath Stormarrow the wizard uses mage hand to pick up a fallen wizard’s wand of fireballs and starts shooting fireballs at groups of goblins. Sam the Suli puts the fire out at the potion store. He picks up 3 healing potions, 2 potions of barkskin, and a potion of enlarge person. He drinks a barkskin and enlarge person potion. 3 more goblins pop out of the well. Agath the wizard kills them with his burning hands wand. Tobias, the rogue, goes down into the sewers to try to find a way out of town. He finds dug out tunnels connecting to the sewers and follows one of them. He hears goblins coming and hides.He trips one as they pass and the other 4 notice and turn around to see him. He kills one of them before he dies. Sam the Suli sees a goblin pop out of the well holding Tobias’s whip and dagger. Sam kills the goblin. Alderus takes out goblins along the east wall with chain lighting and by summoning air and fire elementals. The goblins start coming over the wall in the southwest and souteast. Alderus polymorphs into a Huge Silver dragon and takes care of the rest of the surrounding goblins.
Grigdash the inquisitor runs into a group of goblins coming out of the Redwood Inn and fights with them. One scores a critical hit and almost kills him. A group of goblins climb over the wall and head into the old temple, pursued by Ethram the fighter and Johnal the ninja. Once inside they head for a hole that had been dug out of the floor, but Johnal slays them before they make it down. Johnal looks down the hole and finds a room under the temple floor. He goes down and takes a quick look around. It looks like a very old crypt and contains a sarcophagus with goblin engravings on it. He notices that the sarcophagus is chipped as though someone has tried to open it and parts of its decoration are broken off. Ethran the fighter rolls a boulder in front of the old temple door to seal it. More goblins are noticed inside the Redwood Inn. Agath the wizard sees them and sees that they are wearing glowing devices on their chests. He shoots a fireball at them and catches the inn on fire, but the goblins survive and retreat back into the inn. The fire is put out with the help of Sam the Suli.
Ethran the fighter, Sam the Suli, and Grigdash the inquisitor converge on the remaining five tough goblins with glowy things on their chests as they are going down the stairs to the inn’s cellar. After killing three, Agath the wizard puts the other two to sleep. The devices don’t explode, but continue to glow after the goblins are killed. The rest of the fires in town are being put out. Fergus the cleric and his daughter, [[:sarrina-castlemaign|Sarrina, heal those that are injured. Alderus the dragon chases away the black dragon that has come back to his nest.



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