Cathy's Game

Still in Castle

After resting for the night, the wizard is able to decipher some of the runes on switches in the control room. One that says power elevates the house a few feet, but the ones that are labeled forward, reverse, etc. are covered by a force field. There are also individual unlock buttons and a master unlock button. After turning off the power and letting the house settle the wizard unlocks all the doors. The party also finds bins of identical maps advertising adventuring to the locations this house could be at. The party decides to go after the treasure room. The party spider climbs over the razor lined wall and the ninja jumps over it. The next room half the party believes an illusion that they are rapidly aging and the ninja leaves the room and sees the aging disappear, the wizard had already determined it is an illusion. The wizard unblocks the one blocked door and allows a yeth hound to escape and attack the party. The party kills the yeth
hound after it scares off the ninja and wizard before it is dispatched. The next room is filled with mist and each party member sees a different monster, but the witch and dwarf see through the illusion. There is an orb in the middle of the room that the wizard picks up and takes with him. There are two ways out a doorway filled with water and a long corridor with rotted barrels in it. The ninja finds a trap in the corridor as the rest of the party lay out plans to bait a hook and get the giant shark out. The rogue cannot disable the first trap and shoots the trap to set off a large explosion. The ninja is able disable the next trap and finds that the rotted barrels are filled with tubes of powder and connected with wires. The rogue shoot s a barrel from a distance since it blocks the door and sets off a chain reaction of explosions. The rest of the party hooks and drags out of the water the giant shark which flops around until death. The party
comes to see what the ninja discovered and the wizard scoops up some of the loose explosive powder, since the ninja had already retrieved the five intact tubes of explosives. The door opens into a room with a pedestal surrounded by warrior statues. The ninja doesn’t find any traps and the dwarf picks up the key off the pedestal. After opening the door across the room, it opens into a brick wall. The dwarf does find a secret door that the key opens, and the next room is a sitting room with mantle and clock. The ninja finds a key on the mantle and finds no traps, so the dwarf picks it up. As the monk tries to rip the clock off the mantle he knocks the hands back and time reverses. The dwarf plays with the clock and eventually removes the mantle and finds out the device is now broken. The door out of the room leads to a hallway with three painting. The monk begins to be pulled into a painting and the witch grabs him. The ninja removes the sheet
off the last painting and barely avoids being turned to stone by the basilisk. The ninja breaks the glass of the painting and throws his bag of explosives into the basilisk room, when it doesn’t die he hurries everyone through the hallway and closes the door. The next room has a magnetized ceiling that the ninja and dwarf are pulled to the ceiling as the room has water pumped into it, but the dwarf and ninja make their strength checks and move into the next room which is dark. The dwarf can see through the room and sees a pit in the middle of the room with an adventurer pinioned on spikes on the bottom of the pit. The room lights up and reflected by the mirror walls and blinds everyone. When their vision returns the party sees a crumpled map like the kind they found in bins in the main room, luring adventurers to the house. The next room contains an illusory copy of the wizard’s rogue friend Tobias. The ninja chooses to believe it is an
illusion and gets backstabbed by the all too real rogue. The party dispatches the rogue and discovers it is just another human who was illusioned to look like the rogue. The next room contains a pyramid and a female vampire who says, “Only in death can you see the last door.” The ninja scampers away back to the aquarium room. The rest of the party try to bargain and figure out if there is a riddle. After the wizard determines it is a vampire spawn and not a full fledged vampire. The party moves to attack and the dwarf is dominated and criticals the wizard. The vampire spawn drains a level from the monk, and the wizard drops her with a spell. When the monk touches the door it asks for a password. After not guessing the password the dwarf attempts to break the door and does nothing to it. The party tries to get through the basilisk room that the ninja had closed his eyes and climbed the walls around. The party throws a few explosive vials
in and doesn’t kill the basilisk. The party engages the basilisk and after it turns the witch to stone, the party manages to slay it with blind swings. The wizard ascertains that using the basilisk’s blood will allow them to return the witch to flesh, which it does.



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