Cathy's Game

Into the Woods

The adventurers are at the Redwood Inn with the dead and sleeping goblins. Fergus the Impartial| and his daughter, [[:sarrina-castlemaign|Sarrina, are healing the wounded. Fergus is attempting to heal a goblin. [[:douglan|Douglan]] the dwarf says, “Hey, stop that.” Agath the wizard reassures Fergus that the goblins are only sleeping.
p. Then a little goblin pops his head out of the sewer grate. He looks around and appears surprised. Johnal the ninja critically fumbles his attack. Sam the Suli comes over and kills it with a critical hit.
p. The town damage is being assessed. There’s lots of debris in the streets and many buildings were damaged by boulders and fire. The Whirling Dervish Tavern is heavily burned, and Malcolm’s Relics Shop has taken a great deal of boulder damage. Sam searches through the debris in the relics store and finds a small goblin statuette and other goblin relics. He puts small goblin relics on Tobiasthe rogue’s dead body, which he is dragging around. A matching goblin statuette is found on the goblins that were killed at the inn. Two townsfolk died in the attack. Content Not Found: miles-lynd_, the beggar, was crushed by a boulder, and Duncan Creakshank was burned in the fire in the temple. Roughly 500 goblin bodies,mostly burnt, surround the town. Agath, the wizard, suggests a mass grave. Some townsfolk begin working on that. The townsfolk collect anything of value they find on the goblins. Agath and the others help clean up some rubble in the town. Douglan the dwarf goes to drink at the Tavern that wasn’t burnt, The Sleeping Bear Tavern, saying, “I only kill goblins.” The tavern gets busy as more townsfolk leave the temple for the tavern. Yorrick and Content Not Found: allette-bainbridge_ wedding is postponed, and the tourney contestants begin heading out. Alderus asks the tourney winners and others that helped defend the town for help on the promised quest. He tells them of a rod that he and his brothers, Marvis and Fergus “The Impartial” Castlemaign dug up when they were boys. Marvis messed with it and blew up their father’s magic shop, killing both of their parents. So they broke the rod into three peices, one for each brother so that they must come together and put it back together to use it, reasoning that it was too powerful for just one person to have control of. Fergus has, of course, misplaced his piece. Marvis has stollen Alderus’s fragment and so Alderus is worried about Marvis getting hold of all three peices. He feels that since Marvis is always watching and scrying on him, it will be easier to send some people Marvis would never even pay attention to, suspect, or even notice such as some inconsequetial new adventurers. Agath the wizard and Douglan the dwarf inquire as to how powerful Marvis is, specifically if he is as powerful as Alderus. Alderus replies that the one in the family that has always been the best in all matters arcana is himself. Marvis dropped out of wizard school early on, thinking he was too good. His power has grown since then, but he’s mostly gotten more chaotic. He tells them where Marvis’s house is in the woods of Darkwood Forest to the north, about two days journey.
p. Alderus then goes on the collect items belonging to those that died in the attack to return them to their loved ones. Agath hands over the fireball wand and Singe the sorceror, gives back the chain lightning wand.
p. Agath the wizard goes to the Old D&D Temple to take a look at it. When he gets there, Content Not Found: malcolm-falkes, the relics shop owner, is lurking around, trying to move the boulder out of the way of the door. Agath shoos him away. Douglan the dwarf moves the boulder out of the way with Sam the Suli’s help. They go inside and through the hole in the floor to the crypt below. There are empty wall sconces, discolored where items used to be sitting. Two reliefs on the sarcophagus have been broken off. The third is still there and matches the goblin statuettes found in the relics store and on the goblins killed at the inn. The remaining one is broken, missing a head. Agath the wizard and Johnal the ninja are able to read the goblin engravings on the sarcophagus. It says in goblin, Here lies Drithgoth Sunderspear, king of all goblins. Agath detects that there is something magical inside. Douglan the dwarf is able to heave open the sarcophagus afther Johnal the ninja has searched it for traps and doesn’t find any. As it opens, a dust cloud is disturbed. When that clears they look inside and see broken fragments of glass, some in the shape of body parts. Douglan tries to find the head to see if it looks like a goblin, but it is broken into many small fragments. Vendetta the witch casts a mend spell and the peices form into a goblin body made of glass. Vendetta knows that there are only four wands that can turn someone into glass. They were made by Jeeves Castlemaign for his four children, Alderus, Fergus, Marvis, and Ingrid. In with the body they also find a shortspear. Agath the wizard identifies is as a magical +1 thundering shortspear. They notice a piece of rusty metal amoung the glass and inspect it to see that it appears to be very old woodsman’s ax. They can make out a blacksmith sign on it. Local and historical knowledge helps them to recognize it as Thornby’s old blacksmith, Abraham Bolle. The last thing they find in the sarcophagus is a golden septre with a fitting for a stone on it. The stone has been removed and the fitting has been fractured into four peices.
After leaving the crypt, the party goes to find the blacksmith, Abraham Bolle. They find him in the Tavern, looking worse for wear after the battle. He recognizes the ax and says that it looks like one that he made. He said he made many like it and has no idea how it got in the state that it’s in or how it got into the old temple. Douglan the dwarf studies him, trying to sense his motives, but he seems to be sincere and really not know anything. They give him back the ax. He offers to make and sell them a new one. No one is interested.
p. Agath the wizard, Douglan the dwarf, Vendetta the witch, Johnal the ninja, and Sam the suli begin collecting supplies to go on the mission into Darkwood Forest to Marvis’s house to retrieve Alderus’s rod fragment for him. Douglan the dwarf buys a keg of ale from
Content Not Found: marvin-merrycup
, the tavernkeep at the Whirling Dervish Tavern which is out of bussiness due to fire damage. Agath the wizard goes to retrieve one of the Glowing Devices that the goblins at the in had. When he goes to pick one up, he sees that they are attatched. He yanks one off and discovers that it was held on by tentacles. The device is still glowing and the tentacles still move and are reaching toward him. He can tell that the device is not magical. He takes it apart and finds a glowing organism inside. He studies the organism and thinks that it is some kind of extraplanar organism.
When they are ready, the newly formed adventuring party heads off into the woods. Almost as soon as they enter, Vendetta’s Raven sees goblins. The rest of them hear argueing and Sam the suli smells burnt animal. The goblins seem to be arguing over their dinner. Johnal the ninja and Sam the suli sneak up on them. They are so distracted by their arguing that they don’t even notice Johnal and Sam sneaking up on them. Sam is able to creep right up upon them, even though he is not being very quiet. Johnal skewers one with an arrow. The goblins are taken by surprise. Douglan the dwarf, Agath the wizard and Vendetta the witch take cover behind a large fallen tree in the path and shoot and cast spells at them. Sam kills one quickly. Johnal is knocked uncouncious when hit by two at once. Douglan climbs over the fallen tree and enters melee with Sam. The party struggles to hold their own. Vendetta stuns one and moves slowly around the tree through the rough undergrowth. Then she does massive damage with the thundering shortspear. Agath puts two to sleep and they start finishing them off, one by one, as Douglan rages. Sam scores a critical hit as he takes out the last goblin by punching him in the nuts. He has to crouch down very low to do it. While down there he says, “Hey, Dwarf, I can see you.” Douglan is barely standing as the fight ends. Sam shares healing potions with Johnal and Douglan.
p. Sam looks at what the goblins were eating and sees that it’s a rabbit. The party eats what’s left. They then hear rustling in the bushes. Agath takes a look sees a one-humped camel. Johnal knows that camels only live in the desert, which is accross the ocean from here. As Agath approaches the camel, it spits. It doesn’t act tame and has no harness or gear on it. Agath speaks to it, but the camel doesn’t understand him. No one in the group is good at handling animals. The party discusses eating it. The camel doesn’t appear to understand this discussion either.



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