Cathy's Game

Haunted Castle

After their fight with the dragon, the party see the wyrmling take flight away from the cave ledge. The ninja climbs and jumps up the cliff and attaches a rope on the cliff for the party to climb up. The ninja sneaks into the cave to see if anything is still in there. The monk begins to climb and sees Marvus the chaos mage exit the spooky house the party had spotted earlier. He uses some device to make the house disappear and then he disappears. The house reappears about ten foot from its former location. The witch’s familiar finds a symbol on the roof of the mansion that matches the writing on the obelisks. The monk and the ninja find some gold candelabras and goblets amongst chewed up armor and bones. After the raven discovers that a small cave at the back just goes outside. The ninja jump up the last ten feet to the top of the ledge that the mansion is on, then drops a rope for the party to climb up. The ninja searches the door and finds
it unlocked and not trapped the dwarf opens the door but when he enters into the house the door slams shut behind him and locks. All the party members enter the house, the cats begin rubbing up against the dwarf. The witch and wizard find some spellbooks on a shelf, when the wizard grabs one to read, he is turned into a mouse. The dwarf quickly grabs the wizard and sticks him in his beard. The ninja determines one of the doors in not trapped and the dwarf kicks it in and barely stops himself from falling into an abyss. The other door opens easily for the dwarf into a room with a lushly filled with a feast of delectable foods. As the dwarf approaches he notices the food looks fine but smells bad. The door out of the room is locked and the dwarf cannot kick it in. The party sees a large key on the table the ninja sees that it is not trapped and the witch grabs it with her hair. The dwarf pulls a lever which releases a gas which puts the wizard,
monk, and rogue to sleep. The dwarf pulls another lever which causes the witch and ninja laugh hysterically. The witch notices a lever is magical and does dispel magic they pull the lever and return the mage to normal and removes the hysterical laughter. The ninja checks the other levers and identifies lots of elemental damages, two levers he can’t figure out, one which opens a trap door in the ceiling and one that opens the door in the room. The party agrees to open the trapdoor and a extremely large spider falls out. The ninja crits the spider and kills it. Then they pull the lever that opens the door. There is a room that has a hole in it and a hook on the floor holding a key. The wizard mage hands the key and the ninja jumps across the room to open the door and attach a rope for the party to climb across. Looking into the other room it is 60 feet long and filled with murky water. After the wizard climbs across to the door ledge, the
ninja jumps halfway across the room and clings to the wall. The wizard illuminates the water and sees some tentacle creature, who grabs the ninja. The ninja escapes the octopus and jumps to the far door. The wizard kills the tentacle abomination and the ninja opens the door. In the room is a 200 foot ceiling and the door is 150 foot up the other wall. The walls are filled of tapestries and there is a chest on the floor. The chest is not trapped, but the ninja must open the lock. The dwarf finds that the gold inside is illusory but he grabs the ring and puts it on. He feels something weird come over him and cannot take the ring off. The ninja climbs up the wall and knocks some carpets off and one of them flies. The ninja jumps on it and flies up to inspect the door which he opens to reveal a downward spiral staircase. The rogue triggers a pressure plate which fires at the ninja until he disables it and then disables another trap. At the
bottom of the stairs there is a door guarded by a warrior with a crossbow statue. The ninja opens the door and reveals a room with three doors and a whole in the middle of the hole. There are loud sounds of breathing from the hole and the ninja sneaks across the room. The first door bites the ninja’s probe and he sneaks back across the room to a door with 10 knobs, he begins to disable the traps he discovers on the knobs. He manages to disable all but two one of which seals the hole in the middle of the room which begins filling with water and the other flips the room slamming everyone into the floor. When he gets the rest disabled and unlocks the real knob the room resets and the water drains. The next room has some tiles with arcane runes and a pedestal in the middle with a goblet on top. The dwarf goes to the goblet and drinks it. The dwarf apparently disappears (but really shrinks). The ninja gets across the room and unlocks the next
door, while the wizard and witch decipher the runes, which say “having fun yet?” The next room has one door lots of shadows as it is lit by candles and keys litter the floor. More shadows begin moving.



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