Cathy's Game

Dragon Slaying

After knocking the goblin unconscious, the party hears something scratching at a closed door. The ninja finds the door locked and unlocks it to discover a goblin dog who attacks him. The witch slays the goblin dog. Venturing outside the party questions the yellow goblin, Grigknock, who is mystified that all the goblins are green and they mistrusted him. The party also talks to the freed human villagers. The one who has a tail said he bought a charm from a barefoot mage and even when he took off the charm the tail stayed. The other villagers might have also bought these cursed charms. One villager claims the monk is his long lost brother Humberto, the monk thinks he is crazy. When the man presses the claim the monk punches him and knocks him out. The party also finds a bag of three of the glowing devices and the wizard allows the monk to attach one of the devices to the yellow goblin who says that he doesn’t feel different but knows stuff now.
In the meantime the ninja steals one out of the bag but the wizard sees him. The goblin explains a map that the party finds of all the towns the goblins sacked. The monk eventually removes the one from the goblin and attaches it to himself. He knows slightly more than he did before and notices some of the buildings are not where they are supposed to be.
The party begins to escort the villagers back to the nearest unsacked town. Along the way the dwarf finds a shortcut and the party is attacked by a large black dragon. The dragon inexplicitly drops the ninja how has had feather fall cast on him by the wizard. The ninja jumps up 20 ft but fails to pierce the dragon’s hide and falls prone as he slips while landing. The witch manages to blind the dragon with a spell. The dragon becomes confused, but zeroes in on the dwarfs stench. The wizard scorching rays the dragon while the rogue tumbles in and strikes it with both of his swords one of which begins to glow with a holy light. The dragon panics and spews acid which drops a couple of villagers and it begins to melt away at the dwarf. The party continues to peck away at the dragon, but he takes flight again. He comes back to grab the dwarf. The party pounces upon the dragon but its futile efforts. The dragon begins to take off with the dwarf.
The rogue jumps up and criticals the dragon partially severing a muscle, weakening the dragon. The dwarf manages to drive his armor spikes into the dragon’s weak underside. The dragon frightens the monk and ninja, stunning them. After the wizard lowers the dragons strength, the dwarf is dropped. The ninja jumps up and strikes the dragon one last time before he flies out of range. As the dragon returns to use his breath weapon and the wizard launches an arcane blast of fire. The dragon continues to flit in and out of range to use his breath weapon. As the dragon swoops to grab the monk the dwarf charges and fells the beast with two powerful strokes. The party begins to dissect the dragon amongst the cries of the dragon’s wyrmling.



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